Learning Through Nature

With school groups, we are moving away from being guides and towards being instructors. After partnering with outdoor leadership programs in the USA, we are bringing in a much higher level of education. Kids these days spend more and more time indoors, wrapped in cotton wool, and without the adventure experiences that teach us who we are.

We create programs that allow students to learn life lessons through experiential learning. We provide a safe location for kids to come, make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. All our learning activities are outdoors in the wilderness and contain outdoor leadership, group management, trip planning, navigation and respect for the natural world.

We have a wide selection of trips to choose from centred around culture, outdoor sports, conservation, and planning of your own outdoor expeditions. We work with schools from all over Kenya. If you would like to work with us and have your school join our outdoor leadership program please get in touch

Savage Wilderness

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