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3-Day MTB Skills Clinic

3-Day MTB Skills Clinic

3-Day MTB Skills Clinic in Kenya!

with Ed Roberts

MTB Clinic 1             29th September – 1st October

MTB Clinic 2            2nd October – 4th October

Ed Roberts is an accredited British Cycling MTB Coach. For the last three years he has competed against the world’s best in the Enduro World Series and prestigious events like Megavalanche.


3-Day MTB Skills Clinic



August 1, Nairobi, Kenya:
A Peddled Power Journey Across the African Continent
african spokes


Africa is the last place people picture lycra-clad cyclists dashing down dirt roads or climbing striking switchbacks. And that’s exactly why James Savage is organizing African Spokes, a 6,520 kilometer, 68-day cycling trip from Nairobi to Cape Town.

“I’m proudly Kenyan, and I wanted a way to share my love of this land with others. There’s no better way to see the African continent than slowly and thoughtfully, one rotation of a wheel after another,” said James, the Director of Savage Wilderness Safaris, the largest adventure tourism company in Kenya.
The tour, starting in March 2018, will take riders through Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa as they explore game parks and scenic countrysides, along soaring cliffs and across sand dunes – all on two wheels, and all while doing good. Riders will be raising funds for WE Charity, Zawadisha, and Space For Giants, three charitable causes that together are tackling some of the greatest social and environmental issues facing Africa. African Spokes is proudly partnering with Virgin Atlantic Adventures, and sponsors include; Timbuk2, Wild Rye, and Coalition Snow.
For more information and to book one or more legs of this exciting adventure, visit our website
at www.africanspokes.com and contact James Savage at james@savagewilderness.org.


Explore The Unknown

Explore The Unknown

Explore is a Travel Adventure Race born from the love of the outdoors. We try and keep an open mind at Explore, anything can happen when you yearn to “explore the unknown”.  In this regard the races will be open to explorers who want to see Africa in a different light and don’t exactly mind not knowing where they will end up in this epic adventure.


  • Entry is for participants of 18 years or older. Children ages 14-18 may take part but must be accompanied by a parent of guardian who will sign the indemnity on their behalf.
  • Each team should have at least one member of the opposite sex.
  • All team members will be required to sign an indemnity form for participation and also a photo release form.
  • Team captain will be responsible for the safety and well being of their team.

Race format includes:

  • Teams of 4 people who complete the whole course together.
  • Disciplines include: Zip lining, Archery, trail running, mountain biking, tree climbing and other Explorer surprises where you navigate from one transition area (TA) to the next, collecting as many check points along the way as you can
  • Each discipline will provide challenges before you change to the next discipline with no single leg being too difficult.
  • The course is kept secret from competitors until the day of the event and teams navigate from one transition area to the next, collecting as many mandatory and optional check points along the way as you can
  • The course details will not be advised until the competitor briefing and maps and checklists are handed in the morning of the Adventure Race Course

The Adventure Race course will take teams to a spectacular array of alpine landmarks and terrain features, providing a terrific journey across the Kiambicho hills in Sagana.

  • The following points help explain the course and form part of the rules:
  • Teams must collect CP’s in number order (unless specified otherwise) before reaching the next transition area
  • Teams MUST check in and check out with race staff at all TAs by leaving a tag in a  box located at that TA.
  • All TA’s will be manned by race staff and your times will be recorded at each TA.
  • Teams may receive assistance from you support crews only within the transition areas. This includes help handling equipment, providing food and other help. No assistance can be provided anywhere else along the course
  • If a team decides to withdraw from the race they MUST do this only at a manned TA and only after advising a race official.

The Team

The Explore Adventure Race is a competition for teams 4 members, each team must have at least 1 one lady or one man as part of the crew.

  • The team must have an appointed leader who will be the interface with the organisation.
  • He /She will receive information, instructions and will be notified about any kind of decision taken by the organisation.
  • He/She will advise the organisation of matters such as withdrawal of a team member, or the entire team, or be the spokesman for any complaints or protests.
  • He/She is also responsible overall for the entire team.

Race Rules

The various regulations and requirements listed in this document and the event handbook (handed out on the event day) also form part of the race rules for the event, in addition to the following:  Prior to competing in the event, participants must:

  • Read and Sign Participant Indemnity
  • All members of the team must do and pass the pass the zip line and Archery assessment exercise.
  • The team will choose one mountain bike that best suits all members, you may only change your mountain bike because of mechanical reasons.
  • You should have finished all your tasks by the time you do the last challenge (mountain Biking) so as to hand over your task sheet at the final TA.
  • At all times during the event (unless when team members are required to compete in an individual discipline) participants are to be within 50 metres of all other team mates at all times, ensuring that each participant is continually observed by their team-mates. Penalty 3 mins.
  • Teams must collect CP’s in number order (unless specified otherwise in the race handbook) before reaching the next transition area (TA).
  • Teams MUST check in and check out with race staff at all TA’s by inserting a tag into the timing box
  • If a team decides to withdraw from the race they MUST do this only at a manned TA and only after advising a race official.
  • Cut-off times will be advised to teams as part of the race handbook. These cut-off times will be strictly enforced to ensure the safety of the event. The race organisers reserve the right to change these cut off times as they see fit and this may be dependent on weather conditions.
  • We recommend all  competitors hold current health insurance via a private health fund or some form of ambulance cover
  • All teams are permitted to lodge protests through their leader against results or decisions enforced during the event. A judging panel of three Explore Directors (including the relevant leg director) will adjudicate on all protests and other contentious matters, and their decision will be final.
  • Explore has sole discretion to alter or amend the race format or the rules in order to increase the safety of participants or for any other reason deemed appropriate.
  • Support crews may only assist teams in transition areas
  • If one team member withdraws from the event, the remaining team members may continue in the event but they will become “unranked” in the official results
  • If a team member is injured or in difficulty please call race management. Phone numbers are on back of race guide and place these key numbers (0702 961 918 or 0725 312 940) in your phone

Explorer Tasks

The race will feature tasks the participants have to do to complete together as a team. The Tasks will feature Outdoor survival tasks, fitness, the location, adventure sporting and nature.
The Tasks will essentially engage participants  to fill in time between tasks. The tasks will feature;

A)     Interaction with strangers
B)     Interaction with other teams
C)     Individual challenges that push you
D)     Mentally challenging

For more details on this race visit: //explore.co.ke/ or email explore@extremeoutdoorsafrica.com


outdoor adventures

outdoor adventures

Savage Wilderness continues to be the leading adventure provider. Enjoy White water rafting, Kayaking, Rock climbing, mountain biking, archery and zip lining  all in one basket ; outdoor adventures in kenya…!!

Tana River


From as low as Ksh 2500

The Adventure never stops at savage wilderness
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Savage Wilderness Adventure Club

Savage Wilderness Adventure Club

  • 25% off accomodation and camping charges at savage wilderness camp.
  • Free camping at savage wilderness camp when you bring your own tents.
  • 15% Discount on all activities charges.
  • 50% off equipment rentals.

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Join the fun and discover new possibilities.

Shangilia skate park – Nairobi

Shangilia skate park – Nairobi

Skate aid international brings to you Shangilia Skate park Nairobi.


Finally getting a day off and feeling like you got nothing to do, visit shangilia skate park, Kenya’s first and largest skate park. one of it kind and supported by skate aid international. Opened 8 am to 5 pm daily.

Click on the link below to get more details about this: //www.facebook.com/skateparknairobi/?fref=ts

From as low as ksh 100

Skate park Nairobi

Team Building package

Team Building package

Employees are the most valuable assets a company has, and ensuring that they are motivated and enjoy great relationship together, helps guarantee better company output. In the words of Richard Branson, “The way you treat your employees is the way they will treat your customers.” Savage wilderness will help you deliver this through our intense team building packages all set to tackle the different issues arising within a business organization.

We aim to reveal and celebrate these differences, break down barriers, improve communication, create trust and strengthen bonds between staff across all levels of company hierarchy. And all of this while having loads of fun!

Take the next step by booking an appointment with our internationally trained guides who will take you through adventure sessions meant to strengthen any team.

Through our team building packages, you will definitely leave the savage wilderness camp as a redefined team with guarantee improvements at your work places.

For more details, please contact us…

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From Ksh 3,500 P.P

Team Building Packages
Available on reservation


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