Name: Mark Savage (Managing Director)

Activities Major: Rafting and Mountaineering

Qualifications: Trip leader and Raft guide 4/5, off shore skipper

Why I became an outdoors adventure guide: Mark formed Savage Wilderness Safari’s in 1987 after noticing a gap in the Outdoor Adventure market in Kenya at that time. He has since gone on to mould the company into the leading provider in the country. With over 30 years experience in the field, past triumphs include climbing ascents in Yosemite, Mt’s Mckinley, Kenya and Kilimanjaro. First descents of the Tana, Athi and Ewaso Ng’iro Rivers. Also the running of the highly successful ‘I will not complain’ programme; corporate development for businessmen from East Africa and the Far East

Name: James Savage (Director)

Activities Major: All but loves to raft, kayak and guide on the mountain

Qualifications: Trip leader and Raft guide 4/5, SPA (single pitch award ), ML mountain leader, kayak level two coach, 5 star kayak leader. Day skipper,

Why I became an outdoors adventure guide: I have grown up going camping, climbing, rafting, climbing the mountain and so much more. I feel more at home under canvas than I do in a house. I have done a rough calculation that 5-10% of my life I have spent sleeping in a tent. I first climbed Mt Kenya when I was 5 years old and I walked the whole way. Those of you who know my father will understand. Needless to say I don’t remember any of it but it didn’t put me off. I have climbed the mountain over 80 times summiting  point lenana 90% of the time. The outdoor are in my blood in my bones and I love it. I couldn’t think of any other job I would rather do. To survive as an outdoor instructor working in the outdoors you need to have a passion for what you do. You need to get out and climb, kayak, mt bike or what ever you enjoy doing for yourself. It cant just be a job. If its just a job you will lose interest and you wont give your clients as good a time as you would if this was your passion. I hope to see you on the rock, mountain or water soon.


Name: Rebecca Millichamp

Activities Major: Head guide and schools facilitator. Climbing, kayaking and mountain leader.

Qualifications: Summer mountain leader (ML), Single Pitch Award (SPA), Abseil Award, GNAS (Archery), Level 2 Coach, 3 star kayak, 3 star canoe, Degree in outdoor leadership, Outdoor First aid.

Why I became an outdoors adventure guide: Having been brought up in the outdoors from a very young age it has been a natural part of life to me. Being out in the wilderness and experiencing the natural wonders of the world and what they have to offer brings great joy to me. I am naturally very active and climbing has been my passion for 8 years now and then the mountaineering and water sports naturally followed soon after, which is what led me to what to lead others in the outdoors and allow them to experience what has given me great satisfaction over the years and for many years to come. It has taught me a great deal about myself, built my confidence and given me the chance to live my life to the fullest. Life is my oyster.

Name: Lexy Savage (Guide)

Activities Major: White water rafting, Team building/school groups and Mountain guide.

Qualifications: Raft guide 4/5, Team Leader grade 3. Outdoor First aid, level 1 MIAS Mountain bike Instructor, 3 star kayak and Swift water rescue technician.

Why I became an outdoors adventure guide: Having a love for being in the outdoors, and water brought me to Savage Wilderness. It creates a fantastic environment for where both children and adults can learn new skills and things about themselves. For that reason I have come to love coaching and instructing activities in this environment.

john mshindi

Name: John Mshindi (Guide)

Activities Major: Mountain and climbing guide

Qualifications: Mountain training

Why I became an outdoors adventure guide: I got introduced to the outdoors in 1999 when I went up Mt Kenya. I was spell bound by the scenery; different climate zone, the flora and fauna on the mountain. This mountain has remained a source of inspiration. Starting off as a porter to a guide was quite a journey. Through this challenge of learning mountaineering I chose to remain steadfast-I can go on the mountain anytime. It gives a eerie feeling of being so close to this divine.

Name: Mburu Renson Muchuku (Guide)

Activity major:  Kayaking

Qualifications: Level 1 coach

Why I got onto the outdoor industry:  My inspiration came from adventure seekers and their stories of how much nature had to offer. I later came to learn that the outdoors is a vast community of enthusiasts, diehards and nature lovers. The sole reason why I love the outdoors however, is the contentment that comes with the satisfaction of my clients, their smiles and the rewards that comes with it.

mburu renson muchuku
nicholas ngare

Name: Nicholas Ngare (Guide)

Activities Major: Rock climbing, Team Building/ school groups, mountain guide, canoeing and mountain biking.

Qualifications: Mountain leader trained, 3 star canoe, Level 1 MIAS mountain bike, and Outdoor first aid.

Why i became an outdoors adventure guide: A definite love for adventure, being in the outdoors and striving to be unique and not succumbing to the norm. The thought of making everyday life a possible adventure while surrounded by nature was a decision too hard to resist. Life is too short to live it all indoors, after all life in itself is always some sort of adventure.

Name: Kenneth Muturi (guide)

Activities Major: Climbing

Qualifications: 2 Star Award certificate. 3 Star whitewater star Award Certificate, 3 Star Canoe Star Award Certificate, Certificate in Coaching paddle sport, Completed the British Canoe Union whitewater Safety and Rescue and Foundation Safety and Rescue Endorsement Course. Outdoor first aid.

Why i became an outdoors adventure guide: I got into outdoors started off in school in the 1998 / 1999 academic year participating in sports and extracurricular activities both at the primary and secondary school level. i.e. A natural flair for athletics, Rugby and President’s Award attaining the Bronze, Silver and Gold. I successfully completed my academic IGCSE physical Education Course at Brookhouse with consistent progress in Rugby and got into Rugby programme at International level. After I did my Graphic Design Cours and I consider myself fit outdoors after few years inside a desk. Savage Wilderness welcomes me in there programme in 2014 and offers me a Job and inspiration to grow in a different kind of activities like Rock Climbing, Archery and Mountain Kills and a whole lot more they offer i.e. Rafting, Kayaking and Team building.

kenneth muturi

Name: Andreas Reblin

Activities Major: Rafting guide

Qualifications: Outdoor First Aid, SRT 1, SRTA, WWSR, Commercial raft guide grade 5.

Why I became an outdoors adventure guide: Andreas has been vit zee company since moving over from Germany in 1990. He has a wealth of experience on Kenyan rivers and is an experienced Mt Kenya/Kilimanjaro guide. Andreas built East Africa’s first Bungee Jump in 2001 to strictly vorsprung durch technik standards and is the owner/ operator of Bungeewalla Ltd. Andreas is fluent in German and is in therapy for chocolate addiction.

Name: Muchogoh muchangi

Activities Major: white water raft guide, whitewater kayaking, Rock climbing, mountain biking and Team building.

Qualifications: Raft guide 4/5 class 3 whitewater trip leader, SPA (single pitch award ),kayak level one coach,4 star leader kayaking,MIAS mountain bike leader(UK),Mountain training

Why i became an outdoors adventure guide; Quest for knowing what I did not know brought me to savage wilderness I always enjoy exciting bold and unusual experiences and always willing to take risks and try out new ideas, enjoys instructing the same to others and I endeavor to help people concur their fears through these outdoor activities.

muchogoh muchangi
joseph musyoki

Name: Joseph Musyoki

Activities Major: Team building, mountain guide school groups and kayaking, open boat.

Qualifications: Level 1 coach, mountain training

Why i became an outdoors adventure guide: I am into outdoor activities because it is a passion I have for adventures in my life. I am inspired by the activities offered at savage wilderness and the entire guide team.

Name: Sammy Maina

Activities Major: Mountain Biking

Qualifications: MIAS level 1, Outdoor first aid

Why I became an outdoors adventure guide: I became an outdoor guide because of Adventure and what it has to offer. I love nature and being outside and want to know more of what it all has to offer.

sammy maina
shane walker

Name: Shane walker

Activities Major: climbing, kayaking, canoeing, MTB, teambuilding

Qualifications: Level 1 coach, 3 star canoe, foundation safety and rescue, white water safety and rescue, mountain leader training.

Why i became an outdoors adventure guide: I grew up involved in a lot of outdoor activities such as camping and hiking, I then got the opportunity at Savage Wilderness to expand my horizons and fell in love with it immediately. I fell for the river and all the different varieties of adventure tourism, and wish to expand my horizons even more.

Name: Julius Mwangi

Activities Major: Mountain bike/ river guide


Why i became an outdoors adventure guide: Julius is the fastest man on the Savage team. His diversity knows no bounds! Chief mountain biking instructor, raft guide, climbing and mountain instructor, Julius is currently trying to beat his fellow Kenyans in the international marathon circuit as a Virgin Atlantic sponsored runner.