Savage Wilderness pioneered Whitewater Rafting in Kenya in 1990 with Mark Savage and Co's now legendary first descent of the Athi River. It all started in Mark's bush pilot days when after watching a rafting video, he realised the potential for rafting on the wild Kenyan rivers he regularly flew over. The first boat and a set of paddles were purchased a few months later, some volunteers signed up for the first non-commercial trip down the Athi and the rest is history.

Our Mission

Savage Wilderness leads the way in Kenyan adventure tourism providing unique, breathtaking experiences in one of Nature's most beautiful environments. Led by an international team of outdoor experts fully trained to provide the highest safety standards; you will cross rivers, plains and plateaus in an extraordinary and unforgettable adventure.

Our Vision

Savage Wilderness aims to lead the way in making Kenya one of the world's top destinations for adventure tourism.

We aim to grow the adventure tourism industry in Africa by reaching new heights in outdoor education and in the development of sustainable practices.

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